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17 June 2021

Welcome to Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park has more to offer than just it's extraordinary park and green spaces. It is a village community in the heart of the capital and I love it!

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30 May 2021

7 Tips For Selling Your Home This Summer

Let’s face it: there is never a bad time to sell your home in London! But summer is a fantastic time of the year to think about selling your home. 

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26 May 2021

London, one of the best cities for first-time buyers

In a recent survey, one in five first-time buyers have said they are either planning to use, or are already using the government’s 95% mortgage guarantee scheme, which was introduced in April. But what does this mean for the current London market?

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12 May 2021

Primrose Hill in North London

The picture-postcard view of the capital’s skyline might be your top reason for visiting Primrose Hill – but it shouldn’t be the only one. This well-kept annexe of Regent’s Park is also surrounded by posh cafés and shops. And when the sun starts going down, it really is all about that view, so pack a picnic, invite some friends and play ‘spot the landmark’ as London is bathed in aweso...

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3 May 2021

Books to Help Your Kids Deal With the Big Move

Moving to a new home can be magic as a story. Still, it can also be particularly difficult for children, especially if the move also means uprooting them from a school and a comfortable circle of friends. Here are a list of books that can help them with the move.

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21 April 2021

Top 5 Boroughs Where it’s Cheaper to Buy a New Build Than an Older House

As you know, new apartment blocks are becoming a regular sight across London. But would you be surprised to learn that in some parts of London, buying a new build is actually cheaper?

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9 April 2021

Plan Your Royal Wedding

If you are planning your big day, here are some local wedding services to help you with your wedding planning.

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6 April 2021

What is putting buyers off buying your North West London home?

People are spending more time at home and looking to Google for help on their next move. Not just that, but peoples views have changed, they want more living space, more outdoor space, and where possible, maybe even office space too. 

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30 March 2021

Which Room Convinces You To Buy

When buyers begin their property search, they usually have a wish list of their new house features. A large garden, quiet location, five bedrooms, a lovely fireplace, or an en-suite are top requirements for many buyers. The more ticks a property has on their wish list, the more inclined they are to make an offer. 

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25 March 2021

Once upon a time… the story of 2020 for UK home movers

The first lockdown saw significant restrictions on the market. In the summer, the Chancellor announced a Stamp Duty holiday, leading to a surge in demand and, therefore, in house prices. But what was the market really like in 2020.

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21 March 2021

Property Nightmares

They say you can fall in love with a property in under seven seconds. However, newly released research from Yes Homebuyers shows how you could be in trouble if you can't see significant issues with your new home early on.

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8 March 2021

Are Women Better Estate Agents Than Men?

In Celebration To International Women's Day, I Thought I Would Ask The Question "Do Women Make Better Estate Agents Than Men?"

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2 March 2021

How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is the feeling of regret you get after making a purchase. Buyer’s remorse typically happens after BIG purchases. The most common are buying a house or buying a car.

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26 February 2021


On average you will need a deposit of around 10% or more to give you access to the best mortgage rates, which can be difficult to save for, especially if you’re renting. But it’s not all bad news..

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23 February 2021

Prepare Your Home For Spring

Statistics suggest the best time to sell your house is from mid-February until the end of June, with March being the best month of the year to make a quick sale. So prepare yourself with some home décor tips for this spring.

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